Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a battery?

This unit is capable of running off any of your existing batteries with a voltage that does not exceed 20 volts. We use a 12V APO (Cigarette Lighter) interface but could easily use an adapter to utilize a multitude of battery connections. There are many excellent portable battery options like Jackery that have the same interface. 

Where do I plug my MobilDri in?
You can plug your unit into any 12V APO (Cigarette Lighter). There are also many adapters on the market that can be used to hook directly to the battery terminals.
How long does it take to dry my gear?
Dry time depends on the materials you are drying and the amount of moisture in the garment. MobilDri usually dries damp items in 15-20 minutes and soaking wet items (that have been rung out) in about 45 minutes.
Can I plug this inside my house?
You can plug this into anything with a 12V DC connection. If you have a converter, it can be used in your home. We also carry a line of converters that allow you to store your attachments, plug in your mobile units, and charge your electronic devices from USB ports.
Will the magnet on the bottom scratch or damage surfaces?
We use a soft TPE rubber to encapsulate the magnet, so your unit will not cause any scratching to the surfaces it comes into contact with.
Can I use this outside?
MobilDri was designed to be used outdoors! The beauty of this device is it can go anywhere and be used with maximum versatility. Plug it in your car, UTV, truck, tractor, heavy equipment, RV, off-grid cabin, etc. with any 12V APO (Cigarette Lighter), or use it with a battery with the 12V APO interface. You can take it anywhere and dry almost anything with our Premier Package attachments and easy-to-stow and go bag.
What is the difference between the fan only and heater settings?
Both modes will dry your gear. The fan-only mode dries slower but uses little energy so it’s easy on battery power usage. You can use heat mode to speed up the drying process (as a bonus, heat mode dries at temperatures that kill most bacteria, taking the smell out of your gear in addition to drying).
What is the draw at 12v for the Heated Fan operation and Fan Only operation?

Heated Fan Operation: The current varies in the first minute of operation due to the specific heater in the device. It is fused with 15A, but the maximum amp draw is 12.5A at peak for seconds but runs at about 9.5A in normal operation after the first minute.

Note: if your power device, such as a power bank or converter, puts out less than max amp draws, the unit will still get to the proper heat temperature but will take longer to get to that final temperature with a restricted amp draw.

For example: instead of less than 1 minute, it can take roughly 5 minutes. The heater is designed for an optimum heating profile but is not needed if you have extra time to dry at a lower amp draw. Users should not go less than the restriction of 10A as the heater will work but will not reach the maximum designed temperature.

For Fan Only Operation: This mode only uses .16A, making this mode much more energy efficient. It still dries if above freezing, but not as quickly as the heat mode.