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How Does Our Equipment Work?

by | May 31, 2022

Are you looking for a reliable and versatile portable dryer you can use to maintain your boots, gloves, and helmets? VersaDri helps you get effective drying regardless of the weather outside. Our boot dryer relies on patented technology that can dry your gear within minutes. The dryer also uses a standard 12V outlet you can find in most buildings and your car. Here’s an overview of how our equipment works:


The Science behind Boot Drying

Boots can dry outside with or without sunlight. A sunny, windy day is the perfect condition for drying boots outside, and our equipment leverages the same sequence of events. VersaDri can dry boots using heat or cool air. The process relies on temperature, humidity, and air movement. A higher temperature increases the kinetic energy of water molecules on your wet boots, causing the particles to move more rapidly, bump into each other and turn into vapor.

The change from water molecules to gaseous state water vapor follows the kinetic theory of matter. All matter, including solid, liquid, and gas, features molecules in constant movement. In solid matter, the molecules are tightly packed and vibrate in position. Liquid molecules are loosely packed and move a bit more. Gas molecules are free and move randomly in all directions. Heat increases the kinetic energy of water, causing the molecules to move rapidly.

The rapid movement causes molecules to bump into each other and break from the bond. As the water molecules turn to a gaseous state, they move freely in all directions and can be blown from the boots into the atmosphere. Heat and air movement can help with effective drying. Low atmospheric humidity also prevents the water vapor from condensing back to liquid water on the boot’s surface. Our gear dryer is designed to work similarly, albeit faster.


How VersaDri Boot Dryer Works

Our equipment works in a simple fashion and features optimized components to leverage temperature and air movement. The VersaDri boot dryer can work via two modes: warm dry and cool dry. The warm dry uses heat to increase kinetic energy, while the cool dry leverages air movement to dry moist boots. Below are two key elements that tie up how our equipment works to dry your shoes, helmets, and gloves:

a)    The Heating Coil

Temperature plays a vital role in boot drying as it impacts the kinetic energy of molecules. Our equipment features a coil that produces heat when electricity passes through it. The heating coil warms the air inside the boot, turning the liquid water molecules into water vapor. You can plug our dryer into any 12V outlet, including the cigarette lighter in your car. 

The electrical current encounters resistance as it flows through the coil, resulting in heat. You can adjust the temperature settings to fit your gear and material. The heating coil only works during the warm & dry mode and is suitable for soaking wet boots and gear. You can use VersaDri with all types of outdoor boots and materials, including leather and rubber.

b)    The Fan

Heating the boots will convert liquid water molecules into water vapor. The fan then circulates the hot air inside the boot and into the atmosphere. Our equipment features a mini fan that operates at high efficiency to blow the water vapor away from the boot to the atmosphere, leaving the gear dry. The fan triggers air movement, preventing the freed water vapor from condensing back on the boot as liquid water molecules.

An effective fan can help move the water vapor away from the boot to enable drying. The hot air will condense back to liquid form without proper air movement, slowing down the drying process. The fan alone isn’t enough to speed up the drying process. You need the right surrounding with low atmospheric humidity. Our portable equipment features various accessories to help you attach the dryer to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Warm Vs. Cool Drying

VersaDri provides two unique drying modes you can use for your boots, gloves, and helmets. The warm drying mode leverages high temperature to break the water molecules’ bonds and free them from the surface of the boots. If you have soaking wet boots, the warm settings can dry your boots faster. The cool air drying setting can work for moist and slightly wet boots and works for gear with delicate materials that might get damaged by high temperatures. 


Reliable Boot Dryer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Drying a boot shouldn’t be arduous if you have the right equipment. At VersaDri, we offer a convenient drying tool you can use to dry your boots and other outdoor gear within minutes. Our equipment works for moist, wet, and soaking wet gear.

If you’re looking for a reliable boot dryer, VersaDri is one of the best tools available right now. Our drying tool is safe and easy to use and comes with adjustable settings and different drying modules. You can use extensions to dry your helmet, gloves, and other outdoor gear.