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How to Solve Your Wet Gear Problem with Versadri’s Technology

by | Mar 23, 2022

Have you recently walked in the rain or stepped in a puddle when hunting, fishing, or simply spending time outdoors with your family? If so, you’d agree that most clothing gear designed to cover and protect our bodies aren’t naturally great in the rain. Water quickly soaks into gloves, coats, boots, shoes, and hats, causing them to be cold, uncomfortable and produce odor in the long run. Find out how Versa Dri’s technology can keep you comfortable and enjoying the outdoors. Don’t let wet gear ruin your trip.

One way to mitigate this risk is to dry your gear as soon as possible where you are. However, given that natural sun drying outside or heating register drying inside are the most common and time-consuming ways of drying outdoor gear, you might assume that nobody makes the mistake of damaging their gear through these drying techniques. But you’d be wrong: two of the most common causes of damaged leather goods such as heavy-duty work boots and gloves are prolonged sun exposure and heat from the heating register.

Thankfully technology developed by VersaDri is helping to mitigate these risks associated with drying boots, gloves, and other gear. Before we get into details about how this state-of-the-art technology works, it’s essential that you first understand the science behind drying.

MobilDri or Rapid Evaporation Decoded: The Science Behind Drying

On the molecular scale, a wet item consists of water molecules loosely bonded to each other and to the gear as well. The drying process involves breaking these individual water molecules from their bonds to each other and to the gear before the molecule is being made to fly out into the air. The rate at which this drying process occurs depends on:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Air movement

#1 Temperature

To help us understand how temperature affects drying, let’s consider one of the essential laws of physicsthe kinetic theory of matter.

The kinetic theory of matter states that all matter consists of small particles (or molecules) which are constantly moving. In solids, these molecules are more tightly packed and strongly attracted to one another than in liquids (which allow limited movement of the molecules). On the other hand, the gas molecules are free to move in all directions, as shown in the Figure below.

Now, when you increase the temperature of a wet item, you’re simply giving the water molecules more energy to move faster and collide more frequently with one another. During this process, the most energetic molecules break free from their intermolecular bond and escape from the surface of the gear as vapor. This is the first thing that happens when you leave your gear in the sun (or on a heating register) to dry. 

#2 Humidity

Air is a mixture of gasses, including nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor. Humidity describes the concentration of water vapor (or water vapor molecules) in the air, and it is just as important as temperature in the drying process.

Now here’s where the drying process gets more interesting. Not only does the drying process require heat energy to shoot energized vapor molecules into the air, but it also requires that the rate at which the water molecules (in the air) bumps into the gear is less than the rate at which vapor leaves the wet gear. So, in fact, if water molecules in the air join the wet gear faster than the vapor molecules leave, you can be sure that you’ll have a wetter gear.

Therefore, for an efficient drying process, you want to dry your gear in an environment with less humid air (or less concentration of water vapor).

#3 Air Movement

The energized water vapor that shoots into the air from the wet gear will tend to stay near the surface of the gear. As such, they are likely to bump back into the gear and condense back to liquid, slowing down the drying process.  One way to prevent this is by ensuring efficient airflow to sweep the water vapor away.

Not only does airflow sweep the energized water vapor away, but it also reduces the humidity of air in this region. And as we already know, less humid air translates to a more efficient drying process.  That’s why your gear will dry faster in the breeze than in an environment with little to no wind.

Outdoor sun drying (or drying on a heating register) works based on these three factors. However, while these conventional drying processes might dry wet clothes, they are not ideal for closed gear like shoes, boots, and gloves. This is because these common items closed gear cannot get uniform airflowwhich causes the water vapor leaving the internal parts to condense back into the surfaces, encouraging mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. In addition, the heat from a heating register damages leather gear in the long run.

So how do you prevent this?

Efficient Gear Drying: Versadri’s Technology Explained

MobilDri, one of the most versatile and portable dryers available today, helps to solve many of the drying challenges you might experience. Specifically designed with patented drying tube attachments, a single MobilDri unit easily transforms into a shoe dryer, a boot dyer, a glove dryer or a hat and helmet dryer. Additional extension tubes provide another drying option for drying knee-high boots and waders.  MobilDri’s unique design ensures uniform airflow, getting your wet gear to dry quicker and more efficiently on the go.

It also features two modes for drying items (the heat and fan modes), with each mode having its advantages and suitability for different scenarios and materials. For instance, the fan mode allows you to dry your gear using less energy, while the heat mode offers the most efficient drying and warm comfort.  In addition, these modes allow you to dry gear made from a broad range of materials (including leather) without you having to worry about cracks.

The MobilDri is equipped with a 12V Aux power outlet, meaning you can power them on the go using the 12V outlet you already have in the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. If you’re looking to get a portable drying unit (or shoe dryer and deodorizer) that allows you to do whatever you choose to do regardless of the outside conditions, then Versadri’s MobilDri is for you. It speeds up the drying process and eliminates the possibility of mildew, mold, or bacteria growth on your wet gear before you return home.

Carey the Founding Servant of VersaDri states “It is our commitment to improving the knowledge of drying technology and benefits for on the go everyday use” . He also states “Our customer work and play hard rather outside construction or a weekend warrior solutions for soccer tournaments, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, diving, etc. and Mobildri can be used by anyone anywhere” . The company engineers and produces versatile drying equipment (Boot Dryer, Glove Dryer, Gear Dryer. )  that can be used on 12V DC systems like stored in batteries that is easy take with you anywhere due to today’s rapidly improving high power density low weight battery technology, from automobile or recreational vehicles. You can learn more about Versadri
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