The fastest portable dryer for wet gear on the market.

Finally! A portable forced air dryer with heat to quickly dry soaking wet gear anywhere.

Powered by 12 V APO (cigarette lighter), dry your wet boots, gloves, shoes, hats and helmets with one convenient unit.

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MobilDri Ultimate Gear Dryer

MobilDri Portable 12V APO Gear Dryer with Glove and Shoe Drying Tubes.

  • Free Boot Extension Tubes – $19.99 value
  • Free Hat/Helmet Drying Tube – $19.99 value
  • Free Gig Bag – $19.99 Value
  • Free US Shipping – $16.99 Value

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Cold, damp gear slowing you down? Stop waiting for your wet gear to dry in cold, damp weather.

You have a jam packed life planned and don’t have the time for weather delays or to wait around for wet boots or gloves to dry.

The elements may be your greatest enemy but with MobilDri, you’ll quickly have the comfort you need to finish, or accomplish, your mission in comfort.

If you’re looking to solve all of these problems, then MobilDri is the solution.



Use this to hang your MobilDri anywhere you want.

40LB Magnet

This powerful magnet lets you attach your MobilDri safely and securely to any metal surface.

Cup Holder

Keep your MobilDri in reach, sized to fit your cup holder perfectly.

Step 1

Plug in.

Step 2

Place gear on corresponding tubes.

Step 3

Turn on fan to heat or cool mode.

How it Works



The product works great!

“The dryer does everything we hoped it would. We live in Colorado at 7000’ elevation, 15 minutes from thousands of acres of public land. This is an easy take along in our truck that extends our time outdoors. When your taking grandkids out in the mountains, warming up in the truck for 30 minutes isn’t enough when their gloves, socks or boots are soaked. This takes care of that challenge.

We like ours so much we purchased a second one and sent it to our son and his family back in Michigan.

5 stars from us!”

J. Miller

I am impressed!

“So I love hiking and camping, and while I’ve had boot and glove dryers before, they weren’t exactly portable. (Which is one of the main reasons I love this unit, because I can plug it into my car)

Long story short, I ruined a $200+ pair of athletic shoes trekking about in a state park because some of the areas were flooded (unexpectedly). It was a 3 hour drive back home, so of course bacteria took hold while they were wet. I’m kicking myself for not getting this before, because it would’ve paid for itself in one go.

Honestly, I’ve never seen a portable dryer like this before, and I wish I would’ve gotten it years ago. It’s super convenient and it works faster than the typical boot dryers that just plug into regular outlets (which was an unexpected surprise).”

The Wolf

Works great in a powerful, yet portable package.

“We love our new MobilDri! We live on a ranch and it seems our shoes or gloves are always muddy and wet. The MobilDry works out in the field so we can change into dry gloves as needed while our wet gloves are drying in our side by side, truck, or tractor. It makes our work day so much more comfortable and we don’t have to drive back to the house to use our old plug in model. The magnet is super cool too! sticks on the tailgate of the truck or you can use the cup holder inside the truck. tractor if it’s raining out. This is the best dryer unit we have ever used and we have used a lot of them over the years. It’s great for boots too after a long day working in the field or hunting in the fall. Boots are always warm, dry, and ready to go when we are.”



“I absolutely love this dryer”
Andy M.

MobilDri Portable 12V APO Gear Dryer with Glove and Shoe Drying Tubes.

  • Free Boot Extension Tubes – $19.99 value
  • Free Hat/Helmet Drying Tube – $19.99 value
  • Free Gig Bag – $19.99 Value
  • Free US Shipping – $16.99 Value

Over 45% Savings!


If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, email us at within 14 days for a full refund. No questions asked. The MobilDri product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

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MobilDri is the most valuable asset you have when inclement weather arrives and you need to get dry quickly on-the-go or wherever you are.

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