6 Benefits of Mobildri Portable Dryer You Must Know

by | Sep 13, 2022

Drying your gloves, shoes, headwear and other items can be quite challenging. This is especially true when you are traveling or have a family to look after. This is where the MobilDri portable dryer comes in quite handy, making it incredibly convenient to dry your headwear accessories, gloves, etc in tight spaces, especially when you are on the go. 

No matter where you live or where you are traveling, you will most likely have some gear to get dry. Sure, you can ask someone near you for help or even go to the dry cleaners. However, that may not be the most reliable option and will not give you the satisfactory feeling of drying your essentials by yourself in time before the odor starts from growing damaging bacteria. This is where a portable dryer like the Mobildri can prove to be quite handy. 

This device uses tubes to dry items from inside to outside, something that is not possible with regular dryers. The unit base of this dryer is specially designed to fit most standard-sized cup holders. You can also secure the Mobildri portable dryer on any magnetic metal surface, as the device has a Santoprene over-molded magnet attached at the bottom. It is also conveniently equipped with a hanging tab giving even more flexibility in where to use this mobile device.

“On the go” moms can especially benefit from a product like this as it can save them loads of time, allowing them to focus on keeping their family, warm and dry anywhere. Before we proceed to discuss the various benefits that the Mobildri portable glove dryer has to offer, let us talk about what portable dryers are in further detail. 

What’s a Portable Dryer

Many people believe that portable dryers and traditional electric dryers are the same. However, that is not true. Portable dryers, especially Mobildri, have many handy features, are easy to carry, and are relatively small, allowing users to store them at almost any place. The Mobildri portable boot dryer with heat can especially be an excellent option for families that are always on the go and don’t have too much room for storing stuff.  

So, whenever you want to dry your headgear, gloves, footwear, etc., all you need to do is get your Mobildri portable dryer out, plug it into a 12V DC Auxiliary Power Outlet (APO)in your car or in-home with the DriStation dock, and let it work its magic. In some cases, a portable boot and glove dryer works quite like regular full-sized dryers. This is mainly because the electricity heats the metal coil up. Then, the heat blows into the dryer through a fan, allowing the gear to properly dry. 

However, that is not how every winter glove dryer works as they give users the option of hanging wet clothes, gloves, boots, and other items on the unit, drying them by blowing warm air coming out of a tubewhile away from the home where needed most of the time. 

How Does Mobildri Portable Dryer Help Moms Focus on their Family

Most moms have a lot on their plate. They have to look after the kids, do the dishes, cook, take care of pets, and whatnot. They also have to do the laundry, which includes drying headgear, gloves, boots, socks, etc. Things like these often take a massive chunk of their time every day. In some cases, doing the laundry takes up so much time that many moms don’t get the chance to do their other chores or look after their families. 

This is where a portable dryer like Mobildri can be quite helpful. Let us find out how:

1. You Can Dry your Gear on the Go

When you have a long list of stuff to do, multitasking is the only way to do things quickly. However, that doesn’t work when it comes to drying headgear, gloves, etc. as it requires your undivided attention. Even if you do include laundry in your multitasking list, the results are rarely according to your liking. Mobildri effectively eliminates this problem by allowing you to dry your stuff on the go. 

So, whether you are going to pick up your kids from the field, outdoors, heading to the gym, or driving to another city, Mobildri will come in handy. This is a portable boot dryer for trucks, cars, and other vehicles, giving users the convenience of drying their gear whenever and wherever they please. Using Mobildri in cars is relatively straightforward, as all you have to do is connect it to the 12Vauxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter) plug in your car and let the device dry your stuff.

2. Dry Your Gear without the Long Waiting Times

The Mobildri 12-volt glove dryer is incredibly efficient and does not take too much time to dry your stuff. Unlike regular dryers that usually require you to wait for hours, Mobildri only takes minutes, saving you a decent amount of time that you can use for other pertinent tasks or for spending with your family. 

3. You Don’t Need to Be Hands-on When Drying Your Clothes

One of the biggest issues with regular dryers is that you really have to stay close to the machine/device you are using. Of course, this takes up a lot of time, which you could have used more effectively elsewhere. Fortunately, the Mobildri boot and glove dryer allow you to do just that. This means that you can spend more time with your family and let the machine take care of your gear, providing you with dry hats, gloves, boots, etc within a matter of minutes. 

4. Safe and Easy to Use

Leaving your gear in a conventional clothes dryer is tough as it is tumbling around getting pounded. To make matters worse, some of the features on a normal dryer are so overly complicated that a tiny mistake can ruin your stuff and possibly the machine. All of this can be a massive headache, which you can easily steer clear of by using Mobildri. 

This is arguably the best portable dryer out there because of how easy it is to use. The Mobidri 12-volt glove dryer only has a few buttons and learning how to use them will not take you too much time. 

5. You Can Use it Indoors and Outdoors

The convenience of using a dryer indoors and outdoors can come in quite handy for moms. Since most moms do not have a fixed schedule, they have to adapt and improvise to make sure they can dry items like headgear, helmets, gloves boots, etc. However, using a large, regular dryer may become an obstacle as you cannot move it around. With Mobildri, however, you do not have to worry about this problem, as you can use it to dry your stuff wherever there is a 12V APO connection available, even in your car. The compact design of this device ensures that you can store the portable dryer and its accessories inside the gig back included with it.

So, if you want to spend time with your kids and pets outdoors and still want to keep comfortable from being dry, you can do that with the help of the Mobildri portable dryer. 

6. You Can Drive down the road and Dry Your Laundry at the Same Time

You are on the go from event to event with the family with wet gear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could drive and dry at the same time? Well, Mobildri allows you to do just that. You can use this portable glove dryer in your car while on the go, making sure you can save time and energy for your family while making them comfortable. If you plan to use Mobildri indoors, make sure that you have the Dristation dock to connect it properly which also allows you to charge your mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

With so many benefits to offer, it is abundantly clear that the Mobildri portable dryer is ideal for anyone, especially moms who want to spend more time with the family keeping them going while doing what they love most. These dryers are portable, don’t consume too much energy, and get the job done within minutes anytime and anywhere. 

You can use this winter glove dryer indoors and outdoors in the harshest of conditions and it will work smoothly, drying your footwear, headwear, gloves, etc., with maximum efficiency.