The Ultimate Gear Dryer Package


MobilDri from VersaDri.
The most versatile portable dryer available.

Equipped with a 12V Aux Power Outlet, there’s no need for you to wait to get home! This rugged portable dryer allows you to dry your wet gear on the go using the 12V outlet you already have in your vehicle (the cigarette lighter) or battery booster.

The dryer unit base is designed to fit almost any standard cupholder, has a convenient tab for hanging in place, and includes a Santoprene over-molded magnet fixed at the bottom to secure your portable dryer to any magnetic metal surface without worry of metal-to-metal scratching. Plus, MobilDri’s compact design allows you to store your portable dryer unit and accessories in an included gig bag, making it easily accessible when you need it most.

Two Modes for Drying your Wet Gear: Use Heat Mode for the most efficient drying and warm comfort. Use Fan Only Mode for drying using less energy. This is just another versatile feature of the MobilDri from VersaDri.

MobilDri by VersaDri features patented drying tubes that will get your wet items dry quicker and more efficiently.

The Ultimate Gear Dryer Package Includes:

1ea MobilDri 12V Portable Dryer
1 set GloveDri Tubes: Drying attachment for gloves and mittens
1 set ShoeDri Tubes: Drying attachment for shoes, hiking boots and socks
1 set BootDri Extension Tubes: Attachment for ShoeDri Tubes to use with longer boots
1ea HelmetDri with YTubes: Drying attachment for hats and helmets

Additional information

Weight 5.14 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 13 cm


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