Conquer Wet Weather In Building Trades With Boot And Glove dryer?

by | Oct 25, 2022

As construction workers, wet boots and gloves on construction sites are a no, no! Especially in wet seasons like winter. The people use the boot and glove dryer to dry wet boots and gloves.

Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable but also leads to more work stress because it requires extra effort to use.

Risky conditions like frostbite and trench feet can be expected when using wet gear.

And the worst part?

Trying to dry wet boots and gloves during work hours consumes and wastes – lots of additional valuable and productive time.

That’s why in this post, we’ll introduce you to the Versadri MobilDri Portable Boot and Glove Dryer. It is the most efficient 12 Volt boot dryer that can dry your boots, gloves, and helmets in as little time, As it takes to have a lunch break – 45 mins or less.

Here are some things we’ll cover:

  • What is a MobilDri Boot And Glove Dryer?
  • Why Do Outdoor Workers Need It?
  • How Does It Work (The Tech Behind)

And much more.

So without wasting more time, let’s get started!

What Is MobilDri Dryer?

(An Overview)

MobilDri Dryer is a very portable dryer with heat to quickly dry. Your working gear like boots, gloves, and helmets in the smallest fraction of the time.

It comes with custom attachments that you can easily fit in your wet boot and glove. It dries them efficiently and gets them back to productivity immediately.

With the expertise of top talented engineers in the Verdasri team, we designed MobilDri with the most durable materials. They use the latest and most efficient drying technology. That safely blows heat into the nook and cranny of your boots and gloves.

Why Do Outdoor Workers Need MobilDri Portable Boot and Glove Dryer? (Boot Dryer For Construction Workers)

We made MobilDri with outdoor workers in mind.

If you are a construction worker then you already know that wet boots and gloves are obstacles to efficiently working onsite.

When you start thinking of all the heavy stuff you have to walk around with, like hammer, float, and trowel along with the heavy-duty boots, adding a wet boot to the chisel, crowbar, etc, is not a good idea.

Do you know what else is not a good idea? Trying to dry your boots and gloves in the sun.

This not only takes forever to dry but also, prolonged exposure of working boots and gloves to sun heat leads to damaging the leather very quickly – causing bacterial attacks, severe wear and tear, and bad smell.

However, with MobilDri, wet boot and glove dryer becomes reliably safe and incredibly fast.

Reliably Safe

Unlike other boot dryers in the market using propane – a highly flammable gas – to power their device, MobilDri can be powered with just a 12V Aux battery and be recharged with various power outlets.

So when it comes to thermal and chemical stability, explosion risk is drastically reduced.

Also, in cases of short circuits or overheating, the parameter is highly monitored in the device. It will immediately cut off the power supply when necessary.

In addition, because the versadri dryer doesn’t use propane gas, your boot and glove are safe from damage. That can be caused by potential fire ignition and you are safe from propane gas poisoning as well.

Incredibly Fast

Construction work takes time, so waiting for your boot and gloves to dry in the sun causes more loss of valuable time.

Or do you want to work without gloves?

Remember, gloves are there to prevent your hands from being damaged by paints, cement contacts, injuries that occurred while using machine tools, etc.

The better option is to use the MobilDri dryer, as it can dry your wet boots and gloves in just 15 minutes when moist, 30 minutes when wet, and a max of 45 minutes soaking wet.

This means you could get your boots dried at just about the same time you are taking a lunch break and get back to work like nothing ever happened.

So, How Does MobilDri Drying Work? (The Technology Behind MobilDri Heated Dryer)

In this section, we are going to talk about the physics behind drying wet stuff and how mobildri technology works in quickly drying boots and gloves.

For starters, what does it mean that an item is wet?

According to science, when molecules of water bond together – usually loosely – on the surface of an item it becomes wet, and depending on the density of the liquid molecules the item could be moist or soaking wet.

For drying to occur, these bonded water molecules would have to be broken individually and either be evaporated or blown off into the air.

Factors That Affect Drying?

However, various factors like temperature, humidity, and movement of air can affect the drying process in terms of speed.


Temperature, specifically high temperature, helps water molecules in their liquid state turn to gas, thereby leading to fast removal.

This is because – according to the kinetic theory of matter – all matter consists of molecules that are constantly moving.

Molecules in solid matter are tightly bonded and move slower than molecules in a liquid matter which are loosely bonded. 

Whereas, in the gaseous state molecules are almost not even close to each other, leading to rapid movement in all directions.

That’s why hot temperatures have to be applied to wet items to quickly turn them to gas, ensuring speedy movement out of the wet surface and into the air.


Humidity on the other hand – referring to the quantity of water vapor in the air – can prolong drying time as it can quickly get the surface wet again during the drying process.

However, with high temperatures, the humidity is drastically lowered, promoting faster drying.

Air Movement 

Lastly, the air movement ensures that the water-turn-gas going into the atmosphere is quickly blown away from the wet surface which further reduces humidity and boosts drying speed.

This is very crucial in the drying process as water vapor shot in the air tends to hover over the surface of the drying item, so energized air movement will quickly move the hovering vapor away from the surface far into the air.

Unfortunately, this drying process only works best for open surfaces like our wet clothes but is less efficient when it comes to drying covered items like boots, gloves, and helmets.

That’s why we employed advanced and modern technology to create a device that does the job better!

So How Does MobilDri Portable Boot And Glove Dryer With Heat Work?

MobilDri uses our patented drying tube specifically designed for each working gear attached to the device which you can easily fit in your boot, glove, and helmet.

Our drying technology uses the built-in heater to deliver high temperatures, while the high-speed fan blows air into the nook and cranny of your working gear, reducing humidity all at once.

This ensures uniform airflow and speedy drying.

In a nutshell, the in-built heater and high-speed fan quickly turn the water moisture into gas. And blow it out immediately from inside the gear in a flash, greatly reducing dry time.

Drying Settings

You can also easily switch between two modes, Heat Mode and Fan Only Mode.

With the heat mode, you can increase drying efficiency and get warm dry quickly. While the fan-only mode does the same at a slightly lesser speed. But offers energy-friendliness making sure the battery lasts longer.

Bonus Benefit Of Vesadri MobilDri Dryer


MobilDri is called portable for a good reason, other than its compact size.

The premier package, which comes with attachments for a glove, boot, shoe, and helmet only weighs 5.14 pounds – think about the weight of a laptop, wall clock, or knife block. So light!

This means you can easily take it along with you from one construction site to another without being weighed down.

Easy Charge 

Every MobilDri unit can be powered with any of your existing batteries ranging from 12 to 20 volts. And, It can be easily plugged into any 12V APO – which you can easily find in your truck.

Also, there are tons of options for portable batteries, as well as adapters. You can easily plug your unit directly into a battery terminal.

Some MonilDri battery options include I  Po4 batteries, jaggery, etc.

Bottom Line

No one loves working in a wet boot, glove, or helmet, and it’s not recommended for health reasons.

When it comes to energy-demanding work like building construction, additional stress caused by wet gears is a headache.

Thankfully, with MobilDri, wet gear becomes history and together everyone can be productive, do work faster, and go back to their lovely family in health.

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