MobilDri Portable Dryer: Ideal for People Traveling for Soccer

by | Aug 25, 2022

Let’s be honest, drying your stuff on the go can be quite a challenging task. This is especially true for people who are on the go and need clean and fresh footwear, headgear, gloves, and whatnot. Sure, you can make a stop at your relative or friend’s house to dry your stuff, but it can be a massive inconvenience for them and for you. 

Wouldn’t it be better if you could dry your stuff without leaving your car and at a moment’s notice? Well, that is precisely what the Mobildri portable dryer has to offer. With this handy dryer, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can dry your gear whenever you want and wherever you want. Why? Because the Mobildri portable glove dryer is easily portable because of its small size and lightweight, allowing you to dry your footwear, caps, gloves, etc without any inconvenience.

You can especially benefit from Mobildri if you are an athlete who often travels around for tournaments. More often than not, soccer, hockey, skiing, etc. athletes need to keep their boots, gloves, shoes, helmets, etc dry before the competition. Drying all of this stuff the old-fashioned way can take a fair bit of time, which most players do not have. 

What’s more, since most players tend to travel quite frequently, they do not have the resources to clean and dry their stuff. This is where the Mobildri boot and glove dryer can prove their usefulness, allowing you to dry your stuff in your team bus/van, hotel, or even on the field. One of the best things about this portable dryer is that it can be stored inside the bag that is included with it, making it incredibly easy to carry and take on the go. 

Dry Your Soccer Gear with Mobildri

Soccer players follow a very strict schedule and most of their time is spent training, resting, and traveling. This is a major reason why most athletes get very little time to do their chores, which include drying their stuff. 

If you have faced the same issue for a while, you can steer clear of it by using Mobildri, which is arguably the best portable dryer out there. Unlike many other dryers in the market, this one is highly efficient, unique, and durable, making it an ideal option for your travels. All you need to do is store your Mobildri 12-volt boot dryer in the bag and carry it around wherever you please. 

While most people use this device in their cars, you can also hook Mobildri up in your house, hotel, or any other indoor area. Just make sure that you have the DriStation dock to connect the portable dryer. Using Mobildri is incredibly straightforward and you will be able to learn its features and functions within minutes. 

How Soccer Players Can Benefit from Mobildri When Traveling

Traveling as a soccer player comes with a fair bit of challenges. You are always on the move and rarely get time to do anything besides eating, sleep, or train. Doing the laundry takes a massive chunk of your time and could affect your performance and training during the tournament. This is why it is important to ensure you have everything ready so that you can focus on what’s most important. Mobildri can help you with that. Let us find out how.

Saves You Time

When you have a high-quality portable glove dryer with you during your travels, you do not have to worry about spending hours drying your stuff. Mobildri is specially made for maximum convenience, which is why soccer players must consider taking one when traveling for tournaments. You would be surprised to see how much time Mobildri can save you, as it doesn’t require a hands-on approach to dry your stuff. 

All you need to do is mount your Mobildri portable glove dryer with the heat on your desired area and let it work its magic. Make sure that the power outlet you hook this device too is compatible to avoid any issues. 

Makes Your Soccer Gear Look Neat and Tidy

Wearing neat and tidy gear can give you that extra boost of confidence that could make a massive difference in your performance. Unfortunately, however, soccer players do not have the time to wash and dry their gloves, socks, boots, shoes, headgear, etc.  It is a time-consuming process whether you do it manually or through a regular dryer and is not worth the hassle. 

Fortunately, Mobildri can take care of these things, allowing you to focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is, your performance on the field. This device can dry your gear within minutes, making it look fresh and tidy, and ready for the soccer field. 

You Can Dry Your Stuff in any Condition

Mobildri is made of highly durable material and can withstand harsh conditions. This means that no matter where you are traveling and what the conditions are, drying your gloves, boots, headgear, etc will not be an issue for you. Of course, it would be best to protect the device from elements like rain and snow, but it can withstand high temperatures without compromising performance. 

Say Goodbye to Tardiness

The last thing any soccer player wants is to be late for training or for a competition. It is a surefire way to anger your coaches and teammates and may even get you dropped from the team. Unfortunately, many athletes tend to be tardy because of factors out of their control. For instance, if you spent hours washing and drying your clothes, you might have slept late, causing you to wake up late. 

Things like these may not seem like a big deal at first, but they cause a ripple effect and make you tardy for your next meeting, training or match. With Mobildri, however, you can say goodbye to tardiness, as the device can dry your clothes within a few minutes whether you are living in a hotel or driving your car. Just connect your device to a 12-volt output and you will be good to go. 

Why Mobildri is Ideal for Athletes

Mobildri is an ideal 12-volt boot dryer for anyone who loves to work hard no matter the type of environment they are in. As mentioned before, soccer players and other athletes can greatly benefit from this high-quality portable boot dryer with heat to keep their gear clean without spending too much time on it. 

This exceptional device works like a charm because of its easy-to-use features. Its small, lightweight body suits travelers who want a quick and effective drying solution on the go. So, whether you want to dry your boots and gloves after a match or before it, you just need to connect the Mobildri boot and glove dryer to the right12 volt Auxiliary power outlet (APO) and only wait for a few minutes for your gear to be ready and squeaky clean. 

How does it Work

Mobildri is an incredibly versatile drying system that can take on almost any drying challenge with relative ease whether at home or on the go. This unit is compatible with cupholders and can even be mounted on different surfaces because of its magnetic base and built in hang tab. This unit can accommodate footwear, headwear, and gloves and with the option of warm and cool air settings, you can dry your stuff quickly, get back to play, or work right away.

No matter the season, purpose, or weather, Mobildri is one of the best portable dryer available today and perfect for your day to day use. 

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