VersaDri Portable Dryers

Why Pick VersaDri Portable Dryers

by | Jun 20, 2022

When you’re shopping for a portable dryer, there are a few options on the market. You want to make sure you get the best deal without sacrificing quality drying technology. At VersaDri, we have perfected portable dryer technology with our patented Dri Tubes for all of your gear. We have created a high-quality product that our customers can rely on for a reasonable price.

The VersaDri Portable Dryer is made with best-in-class materials and under the supervision of experienced engineers and designers. We offer the most versatility and adaptability of any dryer available. Our dryer provides fast dry times and can be used in almost any environment. Here are some more details about why our dryer is unbeatable in its class:


The VersaDri dryer is a truly portable drying unit. The VersaDri was designed to be brought with you on all of your adventures. It doesn’t need any added plug-ins for portable capabilities.

Our Portable dryer is small and compact. The dryer and all of the accessories fit within the included carrying case which can be stowed away in your car. It plugs into your vehicle’s 12V outlet, making sure you’re never without power for the dryer when you need it. Our dryer converts with the help of a 12V adapter to plug into any outlet in your home, on the job site, or at the campground.


The VersaDri portable dryer was designed to go with you anywhere and work in any environment. With a strong 40 pound magnet installed on the bottom, it can stand up on the job site to dry your gear in the toughest conditions. Our dryer fits in most cupholders. This gives you the option to stay warm and dry in your car while your gear drys out. For a third option, our dryer is equipped with a hanging strap.

At VersaDri, we have put together packages of accessories to fit a variety of lifestyles. Our package deals prevent you from spending money on accessories you don’t need and helps you to get all of the gear you do need for a lower price. For hikers that are only worried about drying out their boots, the Standard Package might be the right fit. For busy parents or construction foremen, the Premier Package offers everything you need to dry your sports or safety gear. The dryers offer fan only or heater settings so that you can choose between faster drying or conserving energy.

Dries Quickly

Some boot dryers can take twelve hours or overnight to completely dry your gear. Our priority is to get you back on the job site or to your favorite activities in less time. The VersaDri portable dryer has the quickest dry time on the market. For damp items, you can expect them to be dry in about 20 minutes. For soaking wet items, you should first ring them out before placing them on the dryer. Expect your soaked items to dry in about 45 minutes after the excess water has been wrung out.

Our patented, shaped, dryers force warm air through every inch of your boot or glove. Other forced-air dryers may not use heat at all. Some heated dryers get too hot to be safe or can an excessive amount of time to dry. With our design, the heat combines with constant air flow make sure your gear dries faster. The drying times of the VersaDri can’t be beaten.


The VersaDri portable dryer is safe enough to use around your children and pets. It doesn’t get hot to the touch and uses only a safe 12V electrical current to power the dryer. Some companies use propane to power their portable dryers. Propane is a flammable gas that can be dangerous when not used safely. If you are using a propane dryer, you are at risk for fire accidents or inhaling dangerous chemicals. Inhalation of propane in a small space can cause severe health effects. With our dryer, you never have to worry about the effects of harmful gas. The dryer can keep you safe from mold or bacteria that is caused by wet gear.

Ships Anywhere in the US

Some portable dryer brands only ship to the lower forty-eight states, leaving those in Hawaii and Alaska with soggy wet gear. At VersaDri, we know that the people that live in these states live some of the most rugged lifestyles in America. Surfers in Hawaii need to dry out their gear to prevent mold and mildew growth. Outdoorsmen in Alaska face the same summertime problems, and they have to worry about cold and freezing gear during the winter months. We want our customers all over the country to get safe and easy drying technology for their gear.

VersaDri offers shipping to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We know that the need to dry your gear doesn’t stop at the shores of the Pacific Ocean or the Canadian border. Keep your gear in great condition by ordering a VersaDri portable dryer to wherever you live in the United States.

Best Design for a Portable Dryer

At VersaDri, we have hired the best in the industry to develop our dryer. Our design team is filled with people that once worked at BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Accura, Lexus, and Tesla. These people know what quality means in engineering for motor technology. They have taken those same engineering practices and applied them at VersaDri. High-end technology is our priority at VersaDri.

That’s how you know you’re getting a top-quality product with VersaDri. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our materials or design. We have developed the best portable dryer on the market. Our dryer won’t quit on you when you need it most. We offer a year warranty on all of our dryers to back up our promise. Visit our website to learn more and shop for the best portable dryer on the market. You can enjoy outdoor adventures and work without the hassle of wet gear.