Invest in VersaDri Equipment

Should You Invest in VersaDri Equipment?

by | May 16, 2022

There is no question about it: having a glove dryer in your vehicle is a luxury. You and your family deserve to be comfortable and dry while enjoying the outdoors or working hard. Here are some reasons why the VersaDri system is right for your lifestyle.


What Is the VersaDri Portable Dryer?

Our dryer is one of the best on the market. We don’t cut corners, compromise on standards, or skimp on quality. At VersaDri, we have hired engineers for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Accura, Lexus, and Tesla. Hiring experts from the auto sector has allowed us to develop automotive accessories that hold up to the high standards set by this industry.

You can expect great satisfaction when investing in high-quality VersaDri equipment. We refuse to sell an inferior dryer at lower costs, and instead, offer you the best in the industry at a competitive price.


More Than Just a Glove Dryer

The VersaDri Portable Dryer plugs into any 12V outlet in your vehicle. No matter if you are driving a minivan or a contractor’s truck, you’ll have an outlet available to power your dryer. This system is small and portable and comes with a carrying bag to conveniently store all the parts in your car.

In addition to storing away in a small package, the VersaDri Portable Dryer fits into most standard cupholders. If it doesn’t fit in your cupholder, we have also equipped our dryer with a magnet for flat metal surfaces. If a cupholder or magnet doesn’t suit your situation, our dryer also offers a hanging tab for total versatility.

No need to worry about battery consumption because you can run our dryer while the vehicle is in motion. You can also conserve energy with fan-only mode. This is a great solution for the summertime when you don’t want to warm the interior of the car. We are also working on an AC converter so you can use your portable dryer just about anywhere.

Who Was the VersaDri Portable Dryer Made For?


Busy Parents With No Time to Waste

Busy parents likely have kids enrolled in all kinds of sports. If the field is wet or the rain has turned the diamond into a mud pit, your kids will be uncomfortable in their wet shoes, socks, and other athletic gear.

You don’t have time to go home and dry out their clothes and shoes between each activity. So what’s a busy parent to do? If you are tired of digging out mildewy smelling gear after it is been forgotten in a duffel bag, the VersaDri Portable Dryer is an asset.

Instead of listening to the clunk-clunk of cleats in the dryer, you can dry soggy shoes in just minutes on the go. Sweaty sports helmets will be a thing of the past because you’ll have the ability to dry them right away. Get back to the powder on snowy days by drying your gloves while you toast your fingers by the vents. For parents that are always on the go, the VersaDri Portable Dryer will become one of your favorite car accessories. 

Outdoorsmen That Like a Bit of Luxury

Parents aren’t the only ones that have to deal with wet gear. The VersaDri portable dryer is perfect for those that love the outdoors. If your ideal weekend is spent hiking, skiing, or hunting, then our dryer is a great choice for your lifestyle. 

Wet gear is uncomfortable and you don’t want to lose your valuable personal time waiting for your gear to dry. At the campsite or in the truck, the VersaDri portable dryer will get you back to doing the things that you love with less downtime. You don’t need to sacrifice warmth and comfort to maintain your rugged lifestyle.


Hard Workers That Don’t Stop Until the Job Is Done

For people that work outdoors, dry gear is not just a matter of comfort, but safety. In cold and wet environments, wet socks and boots put workers at risk for conditions like frostbite and trench foot. Wet feet lose heat twenty-five times faster than dry feet. It doesn’t even need to be chilly, conditions like trench foot can start in temperatures as high as 60° F. If you have certain conditions like diabetes or hypertension, keeping your feet dry is even more important. 

Working in wet boots can cause blisters and sores. Painful injuries on your feet can keep you from working and may require you to rest before returning to the job. As a foreman, you are required to train your employees on how to keep their equipment dry, as well as provide a dry and warm space for employees to take breaks from the cold. You can avoid delays on the job site by using a portable dryer like VersaDri.


Find The Package That’s Right For You

We offer three packages with different accessories to dry all of your gear. Our Standard package comes with the MobilDri portable dryer and shoe and glove attachments, as well as a storage bag. This package is great for people that don’t wear boots but still need their shoes and gloves dried out. 

In our Deluxe package, you’ll get everything in the Standard package, as well as the BootDri extension tubes. These attach to the ShoeDri tubes to extend them and send heat all the way into the toes of your boots. This is the perfect kit for outdoorsmen that wear tall hiking boots and expect to get wet or muddy.

Our Premier package is the perfect kit for parents and construction workers because it can dry all of your outdoor gear. It is the most versatile and works for shoes, gloves, boots, and even helmets or hats.

It doesn’t matter if you are hard at work or hard at play, you deserve to use dry and comfortable gear. You don’t need to search any longer for the perfect boot or glove dryer. Shop our VersaDri products to find out what package is right for you and your family.