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Stay Dry and Warm During the Late Season Gun Deer Hunt

by | Nov 8, 2022

Ah, big game hunting season! Late-season hunting is the season I get the most excited about every year. I’ve spent the summer shooting at a target and the fall shooting small game to improve my aim to bring home some appetizer meats. 

But every year, I climb into my truck, trying to beat the sun to my hunting spot. Only to realize what the wonderful late season brings deer along with…cold air, wet gear, and uncomfortable long sitting sessions. 

That’s why to dry and warm wet gears, I discovered the MobilDri portable boot dryer by VersaDri. The name says it all, folks! It’s Mobile and Versatile, and it heats and dries my gear. 

Let’s break it down in a little more detail. 

What Makes VersaDri a Hunting Must Have

Some people try to bear the cold by adding layers of thick clothing, extra socks, and even blankets or hunting umbrellas they cart into the woods. 

And a lot of this is essential cold-weather gear to have with you. BUT so is a way to KEEP you and your gear dry AFTER it gets wet. 

The MobilDri is portable, and lightweight even with all its accessories. They are easy to carry and pack and so versatile and put right in the name! 

Drytimes are quick too! I don’t have to wait hours for my gear to dry at home. In as little as 15 minutes, I can have damp boots and gloves dry and ready for action. 

I may have to wait 30 minutes if my gloves are thick or the inside of my boots got wetter than usual. But then I’m ready for action.

If my gear gets soaking wet, it might take up to 45 minutes to completely dry and warm. But it still beats waiting hours.

I believe, along with others who have reviewed it. That this truly is the best portable boot and glove dryer available today! 

Benefits of Bringing the MobilDri on a Deer Hunt

Aside from the fast drying time and portability of using this 12-volt boot dryer. Here are a few more benefits to having a MobilDri glove and boot dryer WITH HEAT in my gear collection. 

Versatility: The portable dryer can dry all your hunting accessories. From hats to neck gaiters to gloves to socks and boots. The dryer takes care of everything from one drying base with attachments for each drying need.

I can stand it up on the base, hook it and hang it from the top, or stick it to any magnetic surface like the tailgate of my truck. Even turn it upside down inside my tall boots and it still gets the job done. Talk about true versatility when it works upside down!

Health: This amazing device isn’t just for me to dry and warm my boots or warm my gloves on a freezing day. Also, it keeps me healthy too. 

By allowing my gear to dry right away and not leaving it to sit around wet all day, I am killing any chance of bacteria growing inside my gear. Too often, I have grabbed my boots, hats, and gloves from my hunting tote only to find they are stinky or covered in mildew. 

Now that I can dry them while I hunt or take a lunch break in the truck. I never worry about sticking my hands in gloves still slimy from last year or boots covered in mold/mildew. I stay healthy, my gear stays healthy, and I save money by not buying new boots. 

Compact: Any other boot dryer I have owned is this big broad base with flimsy extensions that I have to leave out and on the floor. 

With my MobilDri boot dryer, I can pack it all away in the drawstring bag, hang it in the closet when I am not using it, or leave it in my truck so I never go deer hunting without it again.

Each accessory with this boot and glove dryer detaches and attaches quickly and easily, and everything fits in one bag! 

The base is so compact that it fits in a standard-size cup holder in the truck, car, or UTV whenever I go hunting. 

Accessories Included with the Power Base

The MobilDri power base is compact and lightweight. It comes complete with a 12-volt plug-in power source (think cigarette lighter), a 40# magnetic bottom with a Santoprene cover to avoid scratching any surface, and a spot to hook and hang the base if you choose. 

And that is JUST on the base itself, not the added accessories included based on the package. 

Hands: Each package, from standard to deluxe to the premier, keeps my gloves and mittens dry and warm

in approximately 15-30 minutes with the vented tube attachments. The tubes can be placed at different angles to allow more space for those thick late-season deer hunting gloves or straight for a more compact setting. 

Feet: Short boots, tall boots, or socks; this portable dryer with heat or fan-only options gets whatever I wear dry all the way to the toes. My other boot dryer just warmed the top of my boots, leaving the toe area still wet and soggy. 

The boot dryer attachments, air-vented for quick and complete drying, have a short tube and a long tube to accommodate any length of boot and sock for easy drying. 

Head: The Premier package includes an attachment for drying your headgear: hats, scarves, neck gaiters, and such. This air-vented ball quickly dries even the most delicate fabrics. So I never worry about throwing my neoprene gear on it. 

Each accessory is specifically designed to fit onto the portable boot and glove base. It provides compact and versatile drying without waiting until I get home. 

I can grab what I need from the easy-to-carry drawstring bag or leave one attached if I know I will get wet during my late-season deer hunting trip. 


Whether I spend a day in a hunting blind with 12-volt power or leave the MobilDri in my truck and plug it in on the drive home. I don’t have to wait. Until I get home from a long and likely wet hunting day or risk my gear growing bacteria inside. 

This 12-volt dryer is the best portable boot and thick winter glove dryer I have ever purchased. Now I get to stay dry and warm during every late-season deer hunting day.

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