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5 Best Gift To Outdoorsman For Holiday Season

by | Nov 22, 2022

With the holidays coming up soon, are you prepared? Give the best gift to the outdoor enthusiast in your life. These gifts will help keep your loved ones warm and dry throughout the winter. For this holiday season, check out the 5 best affordable gifts: 

The 5 perfect gifts for people who like to spend time outside

For Everyone: MobilDri by VersaDri 

MobilDri is the best portable boot dryer and is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. This portable boot dryer with heat will keep you dry and warm this winter so you can keep doing what you love outside. It’s easy to dry stuff on the go, whether it’s the ski slopes, hiking trails, or secret fishing spots. MobilDri plugs into your vehicle’s 12V AUX outlet (cigarette lighter) so you don’t have to worry about hauling your soggy gear home. 

Easily dry your boots, gloves, and hats with the MobilDri’s different attachments that plug into the base unit. The MobilDri base unit has a built-in magnetic base with a protective Santoprene cover that can attach to any metal surface on your car or truck. You can also place the base into your cup holder or hang using the convenient built-in tab. Keep the compact base unit and all the attachments together with the included gig bag so you have everything to dry your gear when you need it. 

MobilDri has two settings to dry your gear. Heat mode is great for drying your gear quickly during the cold winter while the fan-only mode is great for delicate gear and energy efficiency. Have the freedom to explore anywhere without worrying about your gear. Reduce odors and extend the life of your gear by thoroughly drying it after each use. Use MobilDri, a high-quality, long-lasting boot dryer that will keep you warm and dry no matter the adventure. 

Price: On Sale Now for $60

MobilDri by VersaDri is the perfect holiday gift for everyone

For Hikers: Socks

A good pair of socks can make or break your hiking experience. If you know your loved one is going to be hiking in cold conditions this winter, get them a pair (or two!) of nice socks to keep their feet warm. The best socks for winter hiking will have heavy cushioning that will protect your hiker’s feet on long trips and difficult terrain. Check out what kind of material the socks are made of. Good hiking socks are usually made up of a wool blend. Wool blend socks regulate the temperature of your feet and help keep them from getting too hot and sweaty. Moisture-wicking socks can also help prevent feet from developing painful blisters. Wool is also naturally antimicrobial so wool socks will stink less than synthetic socks. These days, socks made of merino wool are not very itchy either. You can also gift your favorite hikers a MobilDri to help dry out their socks and shoes after a long day on snowing and icy hikes. They’ll love it!

Price: $10+

For Campers: Park Pass

Don’t know what to get the camper in your life that already has everything? Gift them an experience with an annual park pass. You can buy an America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass online at the USGS Store. The pass provides access to more than 2,000 recreation areas around the United States and all of the proceeds are used to improve and enhance visitor recreation services. There are also lots of state and local parks that sell annual passes if you’re looking for something a little closer to home. 

Price: $80 or less

For Fishermen: Dry Bag

Looking for a useful gift to get a Fishman. Consider purchasing them a dry bag to keep all their gear in perfect condition while outdoors and on the water. A dry bag is a flexible vessel that seals to keep water out. Most dry bags are made out of synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. Dry bags are sold in a wide variety of sizes. 1L-sized bags are pretty small and only big enough to hold a phone or wallet. 5L dry bags are a great and versatile option. It will fit all your personal items like phones, keys, wallets, and snacks while you’re out. If you get a larger size bag, look for something with shoulder straps to make it easier to transport.

Dry bags aren’t just for keeping stuff dry. They are also a portable outdoor washing machine. Simply add some clothes, water, and a touch of soap to start cleaning. They can also be used as a pillow, kayak anchors, or used as buckets for water transportation. 

Price: $15+

For Skiers & Snowboarder: Balaclava/Ski Mask

Balaclavas have been used for many years and were first popularized after a battle in the city of Balaklava during the Crimean War in 1854 and used by British troops suffering from freezing conditions. If you are spending time outdoors in the cold and snow this winter, you need a balaclava. Balaclavas are even better than a hat because they also keep your neck and face warm in frigid conditions. They also help protect you from the sun and wind, especially when you are at higher elevations. If temperatures dip below freezing while out on the slopes, a balaclava will help protect your nose, ears and cheeks from frostbite.

Traditionally, balaclavas were made out of wool, but there are also great synthetic options available today. Nylon balaclavas are usually very affordable, breathable, and great for protecting against wind. Polyester balaclavas are great at wicking away moisture and feel lightweight while wearing. Polyester can start to develop odors over time so make sure to fully dry out your Balaklava after using the MobilDri portable dryer helmet attachment, HelmetDri with YouTubes.

Price: $20+

If you didn’t know what to get the outdoor enthusiasts in your life for the holidays, now you do. These are the 5 perfect gifts to give to the people in your life who love spending time outside comfortably!

Check out VersaDri to purchase your portable boot and glove dryer for your friends and family so you can enjoy your next winter adventure!