Fall fishing with MobilDri Portable Dryer

by | Sep 13, 2022


I love fall fishing, but I don’t love getting wet when the weather starts to cool off and leaves me feeling too cold to stay out all afternoon. I prep my boat, pack a cooler for lunch and bait (not in the same cooler, I made that mistake once- YUCK), and grab some extra gloves to guard against the chilly wind that falls weather brings.

This year, I simply upgraded my boat and the gear I bring along. The boat got a new power source, a 12-volt outlet to plug in my new portable glove dryer. The dryer is one of the best investments I have made this year. My fall fishing is going to be so much more comfortable now!

The MobilDri is lightweight, easy to grab and throw on the boat, and small enough that it doesn’t get in my way when casting. Let me tell you more about it so you can get yours too!

gloves in boat.JPG

What is in the MobilDri Package? 

The portable glove dryer comes in a drawstring bag for easy packing on any fishing trip. The Premier Package includes:

· A 40# Santoprene magnetic base with a 12-volt plug-in

· For complete coverage, there is a glove drying attachments with finger-splaying tubes

· Extension tubes for all sizes for boot drying attachments

· To dry hats and hoodies exposed to rain or drizzle, there is 1 helmet attachment

· Dual drying modes

        o Heat Mode for wet items and fast drying time

        o Fan Only Mode for energy efficiency and delicate fabric

· Replacement policy of 1 year

What makes the MobilDri an excellent asset for fall fishing? 

There are many great things about having a portable dryer with me on a fall fishing trip. It is whether I cruise down to the river across town, stand along the shore or hook up the boat for a weekend getaway. I have the luxury of drying my gear whenever I choose.

Here are a few benefits to grabbing my Mobildri bag and checking it off my must-have list:

Versatility– It fits in my cup holder, so I can leave it inside the truck. I can also stick it right to my tailgate with the magnetic bottom. This gets in use without getting back in the truck. I can even hook it on the window sill to let it hang. The portable dryer is so versatile that I can even turn it upside down to use it. I put my wet boots down, stick the extension tubes into them, attach the dryer, and BOOM! Drying my boots with no worry of tipping over!

Mobility– I can take my portable dryer with me on the boat. Or keep it at the truck when I fish from shore. The MobilDri comes with an easy-to-carry bag with drawstrings. So I can sling it over my shoulder or toss it in the boat without the risk of losing attachments.

Quick Dry– In just 15 minutes, I can have toasty warm gloves or a warm head once my hat dries. It is all while eating the lunch I packed. I especially love how the glove dryer tubes have finger slots. This is to dry each finger, not just the palm of the glove. The boot dryer attachments also have vented slots to let heat move freely throughout the toes.


How can the MobilDri keep my gear dry longer? 

Before investing in what I call the best portable glove dryer, I would leave my gloves draped over the side of my boat or lay them on the ground to dry. It was ok if the sun was shining and the wind blew just right.

Now, imagine taking the sunshine and wind and putting it inside small heating coils. Versadri bottled up the sun and wind, matched it with heating coils, and wrapped it up inside this compact, must-have dryer.

If my gloves or boots get a little moist, maybe from sweat or handling fish, I can pop them on the portable dryer and, in 15 minutes, have the dry, warm gear to slide back on my hands.

Fall fishing is typically filled with a long chilly day of waiting for the fish to bite, so if I have to wade into the cool water, net a big one, or stick my hands in the water, it might take the dryer 30 minutes to dry my gear. That sounds like a good time to break for lunch, don’t you think?

Sometimes I like to take a few steps off the bank into the water, or when I clean my fish before leaving for the day, I spend a few minutes with my hands in the water. Either way, my gloves, and boots are soaked when I haul myself and my catch to the truck. So I take them off, plug in my 12-volt dryer, and in 45 minutes, my gloves are dry, just in time to get home and unpack.

The best thing about having my MobilDri with me on the ride home is the time it saves me from having to unpack, wash, dry, and repack my gear. Everything that got wet is now dry and ready to put away!

Fall fishing is great fun for the season, but packing and unpacking are NOT, so unlike other brands used at home, I don’t have to wait to dry and pack my gear; I just pack it and forget it…until next season, that is!

Fish bite at our lines while fall bites at our bodies. Use MobilDri to stay warm and healthy all fall.

Speaking of unpacking, one of the best things about plugging in and drying my gloves, hat, and boots on the way home is how much it helps fight against growing bacteria when wet things are left alone.

Having the boot and glove dryer with me keeps them dry faster and longer. This stops the potential for growing bacteria in my gear. I remember I got my fishing gloves out of the closet one year, and they reeked to high heaven. I thought I’d dried them from last season, but apparently not good or soon enough.

Air drying my gear seemed reasonable enough, but I quickly discovered that the humidity and cool air temperatures battled against my gear and provided a tiny home for mold and mildew.

Now, not only do I keep my gear healthy longer by drying it right away, I keep my body healthy by not sitting in wet gear or leaving my damp gear to sit out to rot and mold.

Last year was the last year I stuck my hand in what I THOUGHT was a clean, dry glove!


One of the great things about fall fishing trips with my portable glove and boot dryer is that it allows me to get the most out of a fall bite before the cold weather forces me to pack up the boat.

I want to stay out on the lake as long as possible, doing what I love to do, but need to keep dry, healthy, and warm while doing it. So I make sure to keep the industry-leading portable 12-volt dryer handy all year long.