Portable Boot And Glove Dryer

Portable Travel Boot and Glove Dryer Any Momma Would Love

by | Aug 31, 2022

When it comes to keeping the family warm and dry, mamas are indispensable.

As everyday superheroes, they ensure that every family member is comfortable by providing clothes that are always well-fitted, clean, and dry.

But when your family is out of town, on travel adventures, enjoying outdoor activities like diving, surfing, hunting, fishing, skiing, etc., everyone’s playing gear will be soaking wet at some point.

As a mom, if you’re going to keep everyone dry, you’ll need a boot dryer, glove dryer, and helmet dryer. Carrying these 3 different tools may seem cumbersome or weighty.

Why not choose a portable travel boot and glove dryer that can save the day?

In this post, we will talk about MobilDri, the most efficient all-in-one heat dryer for all wet boots, gloves, and helmets.

As a Super-mum, you’ll love it because it’s so portable and travel-friendly that it can fit into a mini-sized rope bag!

Why Should Moms Pick The MobilDri Heated Dryer?

Very Portable

Here in Versadri, we understand that traveling means more loads to carry, so we designed the most compact heated dryer on the market today.

MobilDri is a minimalist heated dryer, solid enough to hold your boots, helmets, and gloves all at once!

We designed this Versadri dryer with on-the-go outdoor enthusiasts in mind. You can take this portable dryer with you wherever you go so conveniently, as it’s so small and mobile that it fits into our mini Versadri-branded rope bag.

That way, it’s easily accessible the very moment you need it.


Unlike other dryers, our portable dryer comes with multiple accessories designed for your various work/sporting gear.

Also, they come in various package designs to match your personal needs.

For instance, our standard MobilDri has a portable travel boot and glove dryer attachment (if that’s all you need), while our premium MobilDri dryer will contain your gloves, shoes, boots, and helmet at once.

Power Efficient

This is for those looking for either a 12-volt boot dryer or a 12-volt glove dryer.

Fortunately, MobilDri can be powered with just a 12-voltage battery that will serve you satisfactorily.

The best part is that you’ll never run out of power, as you can easily plug the boot dryer into your vehicle’s 12V outlet.

Also, it has a 120V AC adapter that lets you use any power outlet near you in compact fan mode only. It also has a DriStation that allows you to use two units to dry multiple gears simultaneously while charging your mobile devices.

Cool! Isn’t it?

In addition, there are other alternative battery solutions you can use for the MobilDri heated dryer, and they are super lightweight, last-longing, and safe.

Check out our top pick for our MobilDri battery alternatives

Supersonic Drying Speed

With MobilDri Heated Dryer, it’s not “All’s wet, let’s call it a day.” No.

Unlike other boot dryers that take up to six to twelve hours to completely dry your gears, this heated dryer guarantees that your kids can become wet, dry, and back to their activities within 30-45 minutes or less. 

With the expertise of our top engineers, we designed our patented tube dryers to blow warm air through every nook and cranny of your boots, gloves, and helmets. 

And you can expect them to dry within 20-30 minutes for damp gears or 45 minutes maximum for soaked, thick gears, depending on the materials you want to dry.

Stress-Free Operation

As a busy mom, you don’t need a pilot degree to operate our MobilDri dryer. The device is very easy to use. 

Going from warm dry to cool dry – the two drying modes available – is an easy switch.

You can also conveniently adjust the temperature settings to fit the gear you want to dry.

If you can operate a pressing iron, then MobilDri is a no-brainer.

So why won’t moms love it?

Other Benefits Of MobilDri Portable Travel Boot and Gloves Heated Dryer

Unlimited Adventure

Your family can enjoy endless activities, and getting wet won’t be a problem.

Whether you are working or playing, and no matter the season, this compact machine comes in handy to keep the wet away.

No Extra Load | Cost Effective 

Asides from being super portable, with our Versadri dryer, you don’t have to buy or carry extra gear with you.

All the boot dryer, glove dryer, and helmet dryer attachments are attached in just one MobilDri device.

High-Quality Product

The MobilDri team comprises engineering experts who have worked on various advanced engineering projects in companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, etc.

So you are guaranteed a very durable product, thoroughly tested for quality, control, and efficiency.

Prolonged moisture on outdoor gears causes foul smells and bacteria attacks, reducing the gear’s lifespan.

No More Bacteria

However, with MobilDri portable and travel-friendly boots and gloves heated dryer, that will never be your worry.

Very Useful For Outdoor Working Spouse 

MobilDri is not just for the kid’s gear.

If your spouse or partner is an outdoor worker, MobilDri will help them become more productive and profitable at work.

This best glove and boot dryer was initially designed for the hard workers – those that man the field.

They include professionals like construction workers, farmers, sports coaches, etc, hunters, etc.

With MobilDri’s portable heated dryer, every Momma goes through her day with joy, assured that her family is not struggling with wet gears at home.

MobilDri is a Perfect Fit For Gifts

This portable 12-volt boot and glove dryer make a perfect and thoughtful gift. Every time they use this device, they’d be grateful for your thoughtfulness, especially during the winter or rainy days.

Gears are mostly wet during winter seasons, making heated dryers a must-have for every family with play and work gear

How about you gift a fellow mum a MobilDri, to help her keep her kid’s gloves and boots dry throughout their playtime? 

She’ll appreciate it.

The best part is that MobilDri is designed with the most appealing minimalist aesthetic; it’s super practical and very durable too.

Bottom Line

There are so many benefits to using our life-changing boots and gloves heated dryer, but we’llnsyimmn.

The portable travel boot and glove dryer with heat all moms have been waiting for are finally here, and it’s the most efficient on the market.

With MobilDri heated dryer, wet gear problems are solved!