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Best MobilDri Portable Heated Dryer For Kiddies: Complete Guide 2022

by | Sep 6, 2022

One major headache mothers face is how to keep their kids dry and comfortable while playing. Going on an adventure with your little ones may mean packing a lot of extra clothes and gear in case the other one gets wet.  

Kids are usually very active and love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, building sand castles, climbing, running etc. And if you live in wetlands like Oregon, where it’s either too hot or too cold, you must have noticed how uncomfortable they become playing around in their wet gear.

You probably wish there was a much more efficient way of quickly drying those outfits than air-drying them.

Fortunately, there is just the thing for you!

In this post, we will talk about the MobilDri Portable Heated Dryer – the best dryer for wet gear. It can quickly dry your kiddie’s wet gloves, boots, and helmets in a fraction of the time any day, anytime, anywhere.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

What Is MobilDri Portable Heated Dryer?

MobilDri Portable Heated Dryer is a compact drying solution for wet gloves, hats (helmets), and footwear (boots).

VersaDri originally manufactured this heated dryer to help outdoor workers and lovers like construction builders, hunters, fishermen, surfers, bikers, hikers, divers, etc., dry their wet boots, helmet, and gloves at max speed with an average of 25 minutes DriTime.

Premier Package
Premier Package – Gloves / Shoes / Boots / Helmet

The machine is suitable for any season, weather, or gear. Even though it was created with adult adventurers in mind, its compact build and simple model make it easy to use on kiddies’ gear too.

Why Do You Need A (Portable) Heated Dryer?

Now, if you take your kids out and you know that their gears will get wet throughout their daily activities, then you have three options;

1. Go out with an air dryer, which is mostly bulky and very slow in drying thick outfits.

2. Go out with extra boots, gloves, jackets, and helmets, which become extra weight and are an expensive option 


3. Go out with a portable boot and gloves (heated) dryer that can quickly dry your kiddies’ gear in a few minutes, ensuring they can get back in the playing field dry and comfortable.

This is what MobilDri Heated Dryer does.

The best part is that it is portable, and you can use it anywhere, including in cars, trucks, and RVs. It also has a magnetic bottom that can be placed on any metal surface.

How Does MobilDri Boot and Gloves Dryer Work?

MobilDri- the best dryer for wet gear comes with a 12-volt Auxiliary Power Outlet (APO) plug or some still refer to it as a cigarette lighter port even though not used that way anymore. You can also use your external battery equipped with a 12V APO socket if the voltage does not exceed 20 volts making this an extremely mobile device.

It is a versatile dryer that has multiple gear handles with specific attachments designed for various kinds of gear like the boot, gloves, and helmet.

It has two drying modes you can easily switch between; The Heat Mode and The Fan Only Mode.


Use the heat mode for speedy drying and warm comfort or the fan-only mode for battery life and energy efficiency.

How Long Does MobilDri Heated Dryer Take To Dry Your Kiddies’ Gear?

Unlike its air-drying alternatives, MobilDri portable dryer for kiddies dries gears with max speed and efficiency using forced air system technology.

The average drying time (DriTime) is between 15-45 minutes!

Also, the wet state of your kiddie’s gear will determine how long the DriTime takes.

Moist Gear: For your biker kid. If the gear is slightly wet, it dries in just 15 minutes DriTime.

Wet Gear: For the fishing, hunting, and hiking kid. This will only take 30 minutes DriTime.

Soaking Wet Gear: This one goes to your surfer and diver kids and can only take about 45 minutes or less DriTime.

Other factors that could affect the drying time include current humidity, temperature, and material type (cotton or leather).

Is MobilDri The Best Boot and Glove Portable Heated Dryer?

Yes, MobilDri stands out among other kinds of outdoor dryers, both heated or air dry.

Dryer for Kiddies Wet Gloves

Here are some factors that make MobilDri the best choice for you:


MobilDri is the best portable boot dryer with heat, as you can use it on the go. You can use it in your car or truck with an integrated cup holder interface. Or hang it with the built-in tab or any magnetic surface that has a powerful 40lb magnet. You can also choose to simply place it inverted with boots on the ground.

Best Boot and Glove Dryer Size

Unlike other boots and glove dryers that come with size issues, MobilDri is a one-size-fits-all heated dryer.

12 Volts Boot and Glove Dryer

With just a 12-volt Aux Power outlet (APO), your MobilDri can dry your cold and wet gear quickly at maximum speed. It is perfect as a winter glove dryer or boot dryer for trucks.

Long Lasting Quality Materials

The engineers behind MobilDri were superstar engineers from top engineering roles serving companies like BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla, etc.

And with their expertise, MobilDri is a functional, long-lasting, quality, and service-controlled efficient heat dryer.

Benefits Of MobilDri Heated Dryer For Your Outdoor Kids

Benefits of Heated Dryer for Outdoor Kids

Photo cred: Meritt Thomas

  • Your kids can enjoy their outdoor activities without having to worry about playing in their wet gear.
  • They can keep their hands and feet dry and comfortable, reducing their risk of catching a cold.
  • They have the freedom to explore all terrains, at all seasons, especially during winter, because drying is now quick and efficient.
  • Your kiddie’s gear is safe. The heated energy tech in MobilDri guarantees your kid’s gear will still keep its high quality and last longer.
  • No more foul or bad smells from bacteria, mold, or fungi growing in the wet and dark microclimate that boots, hats, and gloves create when wet.

Bottom Line

Portable dryers for kiddie

In the eyes of kids, mommies are superheroes. They turn to you for everything! To kiss the boo-boos when they hurt, scare the boogeyman away, and make sure they are fed, dry and comfortable always.

Since wet gears are heavy and very uncomfortable to use, MobilDri portable dryer for kiddies’ wet gear is any super-mom’s weapon to combat wet gear.

With Mobildri, you can quickly dry your kiddie’s boot, gloves, and helmet, in record time, keeping them dry, light, and ready to play all day long.