Tips For Camping in Rain

8 Best Tips and Tricks for Camping in the Rain

by | Oct 11, 2022

Oh no! You’re ready for your outdoor camping adventure this weekend, but you just checked the weather forecast and it’s supposed to rain. Don’t worry though, below are the 8 best tips and tricks for camping in the rain with your tent, car or RV.

1. Pick a Strategic Shelter Spot

Before you start to pitch your tent or park your RV, take a look at your surroundings. You want to pick a campsite that’s on high ground and not too close to a river or lake. If you’re too close to the water and it rains a lot, you could be washed out in a potential flood. Generally, you want to camp about 200 feet from water sources

Look up! You shouldn’t set up your shelter right under a big tree limb. Water can continue to drip on you from leaves throughout the night even if it’s stopped raining. You also risk having weak or dead branches fall on your shelter, especially if there’s wind. 

2. Enjoy Hot Food

To help keep warm and energized, prepare to have some hot meals while camping in the rain. Whether it’s warm morning coffee or a hearty dinner of pasta, heated food can help you better enjoy the rainy weather and camping experience. It’s easiest if you take the time to prepare your food before you leave on your trip. Measure out spices and chop your ingredients beforehand to make cooking easier in the rain. Once prepared, throw each meal into its own container or Ziploc bag and label it so when you’re ready to cook you can just grab it. One of the easiest and most delicious, hot breakfast ideas is to prepare a mix of a little instant coffee and oatmeal. Just add boiling water and enjoy! Granola bars are great, but you’ll be really glad you planned ahead when you sit down to eat your hot food in the rain.

If you’re new to camping, test out all your cooking gear at home first. This will help reduce surprises and help determine what you actually need to bring with you. Doing a “dry” run at home will prepare you well for any camping adventure, especially a rainy one.

3. Bring a Hat

Hats aren’t just great for sunny days. Pack a wide-brimmed hat for your rainy trip. The hat will keep the rain off your face and out of your eyes. Pick a hat that’s made out of lightweight and breathable materials. The best hats are made out of nylon or polyester and have a mesh lining for moisture-wicking. If your hat gets too wet, you can use the MobilDri portable dryer to quickly dry it. Just use the HelmetDri drying attachment for hats and helmets. Who knows? You also might get lucky and have the sun come out. With your wide-brimmed hat, you’ll be ready rain or shine!

4. Dress Appropriately 

Leave the cotton clothes at home. Cotton is very absorbent and gets heavy when it soaks up perspiration or precipitation. Once wet, the cotton clothes stick to you and it’s hard for your body to stay warm. Cotton also dries slowly compared to other synthetic materials or wool. Moisture-wicking synthetic materials are a great choice for your wet adventures. Pack some quick-drying socks to keep your feet comfortable. When your socks or shoes get wet, use the MobilDri portable boot dryer to get back outdoors fast. The MobilDri easily plugs into the 12V AUX (cigarette lighter) in your car, RV, or spare portable lighter-weight Lithium battery wherever you are.

5. Ambiance Lighting 

When it’s dark and stormy outside, bring some of your own lights to brighten your spirits. Pack some waterproof, outdoor LED string lights or just a few candles to have at your campsite to set the right mood. You should also remember to have a few extra flashlights and lanterns (plus some spare batteries!). It’s also a good idea to bring a headlamp for each person for hands-free illumination; it makes any nighttime activities a breeze from cooking to bathroom breaks. Lithium battery-powered lights are a safe pick for camping because they work well in a wide range of temperatures and are great compact, lightweight options.

6. Pack Tarps

If the forecast calls for rain, bring a few tarps with you. When you first arrive at your campsite, you can set up a tarp over your tent to help keep it dry. Under the tent tarp vestibule, you can also leave your muddy shoes and coats so your tent stays clean inside. Hang up an additional tarp to create an outdoor living room space to gather and stay dry. This will greatly improve the mood of you and your fellow campers if you can all get together and stay dry.  If you’re looking for a good way to cook your hot meals, setting up a fire or camp stove right on the edge of the tarp is an easy way to keep it dry. 

If you don’t want to worry about how to set up a tarp, there are many great options to buy “pop-up” canopies that don’t require knots or trees. They’re cheap and easy to set up. Canopies are a simple shelter solution, but they should be properly staked and not left unattended in case the wind picks up.

7. Remember Entertainment 

Take time to disconnect and put away your electronics. This can be hard when it’s raining the whole day and you might be spending more time in your tent than you originally intended. Packing some books or cards or games in a dry bag can help keep you entertained especially if you have some kids. Camping in the rain can also be a great time to meditate or journal. Take the time to reconnect.

8. Bring your MobilDri 

MobilDri is the perfect companion to your camping adventure. MobilDri from VersaDri is the best portable boot and glove dryer on the market. Don’t let wet gear ruin your camping experience. This portable dryer can be used anywhere by simply plugging it into the car’s 12V AUX outlet (cigarette lighter). MobilDri has different attachments to dry your boots, gloves, and headwear easily and quickly. The MobilDri has two settings. The heat setting can dry your gear in as little as 15 minutes depending on the material. The fan-only setting is more energy efficient and great for more delicate gear. Once your gear is dry, you can easily enjoy the outdoors again. No need to bring lots of spare gear or take home soggy boots. You and your camping companions will be happy you packed your MobilDri!

Camping gear is expensive. By using your MobilDri to dry your gear, you can make it last longer by reducing odors and deodorizing with the Heat Mode. After a wet camping trip, it’s very important to thoroughly dry and clean your gear. Once you get home organize your gear and make any necessary repairs. You’ll be ready for your next camping adventure!

Be confident in your camping plan and enjoy your adventures outside. Even in the rain. No need to cancel your camping trip just because there’s a turn in the weather. With the right techniques and gear, you can make camping enjoyable anytime or anywhere. Hopefully, you found these camping rain tips and tricks to be helpful next time the weather looks bleak.