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Unboxing and Set-Up: VersaDri Premier Package

by | Sep 27, 2022

Are you tired of wet and moldy gear ruining your outdoor adventures? If you’re on the go, don’t let your gear disappoint you. You can use the portable dryer system, MobilDri from VersaDri, to help you keep dry and warm. This lightweight, boot, and glove dryer ships quickly and directly to you so you can use it on your next trip. Order today and get excited to unbox your MobilDri! You will never have to worry about wet gear again.

VersaDri Package delivered to door

What Does a VersaDri Package Look Like?

The VersaDri’s portable dryers are small and compact, but powerful. It weighs just over 5 pounds and the base unit is about the size of a baseball glove. It quickly ships straight to your front door directly from VersaDri headquarters or from Amazon. Inside the box are all 6 of the individual accessories that are included in the MobilDri Premier Package. These accessories are all that you’ll need to keep dry and warm. With no assembly required, it’s easy to unbox the portable dryer and bring it with you to your next outing. 

What Accessories Does the MobilDri Premier Package Include?

The premium package comes with all the accessories you need to dry your gear. That includes:

  • MobilDri 12V Portable Dryer Base Unit
  • 2 GloveDri Tubes, drying attachment for gloves and mittens
  • 2 ShoeDri Tubes, drying attachment for shoes, hiking boots, and socks
  • 2 BootDri Extension Tubes, attachment for ShoeDri Tubes to use with longer boots
  • 1 HelmetDri with YTubes, drying attachment for hats and helmets
  • 1 VersaDri carrying bag
Unboxing the shoe attachments for the VersaDri

From head to toe, the MobilDri Premier Package will dry your gear fast so you get back to doing what you love. The MobilDri easily dries two shoes or a pair of gloves or a helmet with all the different attachments. To start using the portable dryer, simply select which accessory you would like to use and connect it to the base unit. The MobilDri by VersaDri patented drying tubes ensure that you will get your wet items dry quicker and more efficiently than any other portable dryer on the market. Just flip the switch and start drying your gear! 

Where Can I Get a MobilDri?

It’s easy to order online. VersaDri ships to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii so you can get the MobilDri anywhere. MobilDri is so portable and light that you can also bring it with you on all your international adventures. It’s easy to throw it into your carry-on luggage and take it with you wherever you decide to go.

How Do You Use MobilDri?

The dryer is powered by a 12V AUX outlet (the cigarette lighter) found in your car or a portable battery charger. The base dryer unit is small enough to fit into your car’s cup holder for easy use and convenience. You can also hang the dryer using a built-in loop or stick it to any metal surface using the built-in magnet on the bottom of the MobilDri.

Don’t worry about scratching anything. The bottom of the dryer base unit is covered with a soft TPE rubber to encapsulate the magnet, so the surfaces the dryer has contact with will be protected. VersaDri’s engineers have designed an easy and intuitive system to help you dry your gear anywhere.

What are the benefits of using MobilDri?

1. Dries fast 

Depending on how wet and what material your gear is made of, the portable boot and hand dryer work as fast as 15 minutes.  For soaking wet items, it takes about 45 minutes. The VersaDri is the fastest-drying portable solution on the market today. Other portable drying systems can take over 4 hours to dry your gear. That’s way too long and you could be missing out! 

2. Energy efficient

There are two modes for drying your gear. The Heat mode is designed for efficient drying and warming. The Fan Only mode uses less power consumption to dry. Fan Only mode is also great for more delicate gear.

Reduces odors

Damp materials can start to smell if not thoroughly and quickly dried. Stop mold and mildew from growing on your gear by drying it. The Heat mode dries at temperatures that kill most foul-smelling bacteria. Bacteria can start to grow after just one hour so drying your gear quickly is important. Don’t wait until you get home! If you have sensitive skin, thoroughly drying your gear can also help reduce skin irritation caused by microbe growth.

VersaDri is a great companion to your outdoor plans. Now you don’t need to worry about packing extra dry gear for everyone, just grab your MobilDri. The MobilDri can help extend the useful life of your gear by thoughourally dryings and deodorizing it every time you get it wet.

When can I use VersaDri?

You can use the MobilDri by VersaDri anywhere. Don’t worry about taking all of your wet gear homes. The portable dryer comes with you. Just plug the 12V AUX cord into your car or spare battery and start drying. 

It’s perfect for…

  • Camping: Don’t let a little rain ruin your camping adventure. Dry your soggy camping gear and get back to enjoying your s’mores fast.
  • Hiking: There’s nothing worse than hiking with wet feet. Head out to the trails with dry socks and shoes using the ShoeDri tubes and extension tubes. The extension tubes make it easy to dry your larger and longer boots.
  • Hunting: Make sure your gear is ready to go for your next hunt so you can be comfortable and dry while outdoors. Come back to your truck for lunch after a  wet morning hunt and reset using the portable boot dryer with heat. Continue the hunt in the evening comfortably while removing odors that your potential prey could smell.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: Take a quick break in between your ski or snowboard runs to get your boots, gloves and helmet warm with your portable dryer accessories. The MobilDri system is a portable glove dryer that’s perfect for snow days so you can keep playing comfortably and safely.
  • Running: Dry your running shoes while you prepare for your next race. Have your shoes ready for your next run.
  • Sports and Tournaments: In between soccer matches, dry your cleats out so you’re prepared to play again. All your teammates will be jealous. 
  • So much more! 

Wherever you are, you’ll be happy to have your MobilDri with you to quickly dry and warm your gear. The faster it dries, the faster you can get back to your adventures. 

Who Are The VersaDri Systems For?

The portal drier system is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors but also stays comfortable. From weekend adventurers to full-time van lifers, the MobilDri will keep you dry and happy. Your friends and family will love to have an easy and portable way to get their gear ready to put back on. The fast drying system will get everyone back to their fun adventures as soon as 15 minutes.

What Kind of Gear Can You Dry?

The MobilDri Premier Package comes with all the tools to help you dry your gloves, shoes, and headwear. VersaDri systems work on most materials. It quickly and safely dries your rubber, vinyl, neoprene, synthetics, fleece, and microfiber material. It also efficiently dries your leather gear. Soggy leather tends to become brittle and form cracks if improperly dried. Instead of damaging your leather gear by laying it in the sun, protect it by using the Fan Only mode on the MobilDri system. Dry your long, heavy boots with MobilDri portable boot dryer upside down for more stability.

Rain boots drying on the VersaDri system using the extension tubes

Is MobilDri safe? 

Yes! The MobilDri portable dryer is safe to use around your children and pets. It only uses a safe 12V electrical current from your car’s AUX outlet (cigarette lighter) and doesn’t get hot while running. The dryer can keep you safe from mold or bacteria that can be caused by your damp equipment. It’s important to keep your gear dry and warm for your health and the MobilDri is a convenient portable drying solution. 

How Do You Store Your MobilDri?

When you’re not using the portable dryer, you can easily store it in the included bag along with all of the accessories. When you need to use a different attachment simply pull it from the bag and stack in on top of the base unit. The drawstring bag keeps everything together when not in use. You can keep it in your car until you need it next time.

Store all your VersaDri accessories in the gig bag

Does My MobilDri Come With a Warranty? 

Yes! MobilDri is sturdy and well-built to last for years, but if there are any problems there is a one-year warranty for every dryer system. Learn more about the warranty and return policies on the VersaDri website.

Order Your MobilDri Today!

See what it’s like to unbox the best portable glove and boot dryer. Order the Mobildri Premier Package and stay comfortable on all your outdoor adventures!